Tea Time with Lhya | Reading in the original language vs. reading the translation

24 jul 2016

Last year I started this section to talk about anything related with books or blogging. But... why in english? As I said in the presentation of the section (you can read it here), it's because, as we read and watch films and series in english, I think it's a good idea to discuss them also in english, to improve our language skills... and, most importantly, because it can be really fun!
My idea was (and is) to do kind of a guest post, written in english, but with two of us (me and anyone that wants to participate) taking part on it.  So, how can you participate in this section? It's really easy; you only have to send me an email to flywithpaperwings@gmail.com with the topic "Tea Time" and, if you have, with some ideas to talk about. The email can be written in english or in spanish, it doesn't matter.

Today I'm here with LHYA, form the blog All rare girl (by the way, go visit her blog, it's really lovely and beautiful). We'd be talking about the pros and cons of reading a book in its original language or reading it in your language (in our case, spanish). LHYA explains it very well: As you may know, a important number of us reads in English too. I would like to discuss how an English reading differentiates of an Spanish reading. Almost all the books we read in spanish are original written in english, so it would be great to know what other people think about it. If it's the best to read in the original language, if the translation sometimes doesn't catch the real essence, if it makes the reading harder to understand, etc.

Let's get started!

Reading in English could be different and maybe even better. But of course, like everything, it has its good sides and bad ones. So, to explain our point of view of this topic, we decided to center in the differences between reading a book in its original language or reading its translation.

For most of us reading in english is, above all, a way to improve our vocabulary, our grammar... and to be able to discover new stories without having to wait for their translation. But, in general, we always would prefer reading in spanish. Because it's easier and because it's what we are used to. Moreover, i you're deeply enjoying the chapter you're reading, having to search for a dictionary and look up for a word that you don't understand can get you out of the book and the story, and it can be hard to get into that trance again.

Maybe for that reason, one of the fears and doubts you can had when you started reading in English, is thinking that you may not enjoy reading in english as much as you do reading in spanish. But that is certainly not true. We thought this before we started reading in english but we surprised ourselfs when we realized we enjoyed it, even more than usual, and that not understanding sentences or words it's not bad. It only makes reading more exciting, and it's a big help if you want to increase your grammar. 


Now is your turn! Do you usually read in english? Do you prefer reading in english or in spanish?

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  1. A inicios de años leí unos libros en inglés de Oxford que están adaptados en cuánto a nivel de dificultad. Éstos libros son muy fáciles de leer en inglés y trae títulos clásicos muy entretenidos como ''El fantasma de Canterville'' de Oscar Wilde, entre otros. Los recomiendo para que revise y comiences a leer en inglés de una forma más fácil (por si le tienen miedo a las lecturas en inglés).

    1. Gracias por las recomendaciones ^^
      Conozco la colección, en clase nos mandaban leer clásicos adaptados de ahí y es muy recomendable para quienes quieran a empezar a leer en inglés y no tengan un gran nivel.

  2. ¡Hello! I loved this seccion. It is very interesting and useful for learning English and most important; learning English talking about books. Of course I prefer reading in Spanish because it's easier for me but I know that it´s important to read in English. That´s why yesterday I bought some books in English; "Harry Potter and the philosopher´s stone" and "To all the boys I´ve loved before". So, I'll keep reading in Spanish but when I have the opportunity I'll read in English.
    A big kiss,

    1. Hi! And thanks.
      Enjoy your english books, I read "To all the boys I've loved before" and it's an easy and fantastic book to read :)

  3. Hey! I'm so happy to see our Tea Time finally available for other people to read and enjoy :)

    I haven't been around here a lot, but it is also nice to read you again. I hope our talk can persuade more readers into reading in English. My opinion has actually changed since we made our tea time: I absolutely love reading in English. And I came to see that I now prefer reading in English than Spanish (also important to not lose your mother language, which I'm working at hahaha).

    Hope you have a nice day. Again, very happy for this post<3

    1. Yes, finally!
      I'm really glad to see that now you prefer reading in english, that's fantastic :) I think once you get used to that, you start loving reading in english more and more.
      Have a nice day too!

  4. Hi! I definitely prefer reading in English now that I am used to it, however, it's been a long way. I made some of the typical beginner mistakes as for example picking the wrong book, one that was too long or very specific (sci-fi, fantasy...) and that is not a good idea when you are not a proficient reader. I'd love to see more of your posts about this subject.

  5. ¡Hola! Mi inglés no está mal ya que logré entender la entrada pero aún no me animo a leer un libro en este idioma porque siento que se me va a hacer demasiado lento, aunque concuerdo mucho con eso de que las traducciones a veces no captan la verdadera esencia del libro o de la frase que dice tal personajes (ya que terminan traduciéndolo de forma distinta), por lo que sé que es mucho mejor leer los libros en su idioma original. Algún día quizás me anime cuando mejore más mi inglés :)
    Besos <3

  6. Hello! It's has been ages since i didn't see this kind of posts. I was already missing them, cuz I enjoyed the last one. Regarding the topic which you both are talking about, I would say that reading in English improves a lot you vocabulary, but I think that it is kind of right when we say that sometimes when we read in english and the book seems a bit difficult for us, weather for the vocabulary or anything else, you not enjoy fully the book and the story so you get frustrated (it sometimes happened to me), and also as you said having to search for a dictionary and look up for a word that you don't understand can get you out of the book and the story, and it can be hard to get into that trace again. But after all, reading in english it has more advantageous point rather than negatives ones: new stories, or some that you would never read in spanish, reading the next book in the saga rather than wait to be translated it, etc.

    My recomendation is to start with something short, lightand contemporary.
    (I am reading Cress in english right now and I am really enjoying it)

  7. Francly, I'd love being able to read fluently in english, it's one of the biggest points in my 'to do' list. I'm not yet properly prepared, but I hope I will be in two years, aprox.

    Thank you for your post, It's been a big help for my determination ;)


  8. Hey!

    Haven't seen Tea Time in ages! I've really missed it. I use to read a lot more in spanish than in english, mostly because I have more books in this language: the publisher's copies are all in spanish, and only when I really want to read a book, I buy it; and when I do it, it's in english.

    If I see that the language is too difficult, maybe the vocabulary or the plot, I decide to read it in spanish, like with "Illuminae"; because I've tried to read books that are over my english skills, like, a lot of time ago, The infinite sea, and it was a horrible disaster. I finished it, but I don't remember at all what was about, and I'll have to reread it in spanish if I want to keep reading the series.

    But, on the other side, all of my other reads, which are so much simple, usually about romance or maybe action, but not much science fiction, (because that's way out of my league). Well, what I was saying is that I read in english a lot, and I prefer it, it's just a feeling that makes me enjoy the book so much more than if I read it in spanish.

    So, one of my favourite authors (in the contemporary area) is Morgan Matson, and if you have a medium level of english, is really easy to read her. Also with Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han, Tahereh Mafi and Kody Keplinger.

    I've been away, travelling, but I'm glad I'm already here, because I won't miss the next one! I'm starting to think to post some articles like this in my blog, but not completely sure about it. Really worried about the english level!

    So, here should be my typical "Un besote!". Great post!!

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      I also love Jenny Han and Kody Keplinger; plus, their books are easy to understand. And if you like reading contemporary, I recommend you Kasie West ^^
      My english level is not really good neither but with your comment I think you absolutely can write really good and interesting posts (if you finally do, I'd love to read them) :)

    2. Hi again!

      I've only read one book of Kasie West, "The distance between us", and I didn't enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. But recently I've heard about "The fill-in boyfriend" and I'm sure it's going to be one of my next purchases.

      Bye! <3


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